What is Trust?

"Trust at Harbor means always putting our clients’ interests first. We have been doing that for over 35 years, and it's something that our clients can continue to depend on."

Charles McCain, CEO

Reliable, strong and enduring

Trust is the foundation of all great relationships. It is both the building block and the glue that holds us together. We work hard to earn and build trust, and to protect it -- by putting others ahead of ourselves, by holding ourselves to very high standards, by focusing on details. If we do those things every day, we will build connections with others, and good things tend to happen.


Why be Partners?

"Partnership at Harbor means providing our clients with access to the diverse skills and insights of our hand-picked portfolio management teams, and working with them to meet long-term investment goals."

Kristof Gleich, President

Everything is better when we're connected.

Partners can be many different things: Spouses. Friends. Teammates. Allies. But one thing they all are is connected. A true partnership is based on trust and unity, and makes everyone involved better, happier, more. Partners understand each other, work for each other, look out for each other. A partnership changes me into we, and we can do amazing things.

At Harbor, we have many different Partnerships: We partner with our investors, with our subadvisers, and with each other. In each partnership, we have a valuable connection built on trust.

Because when people are connected and trust each other, any problem can be tackled.

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What makes a solution?

"Solutions at Harbor are timely, relevant, easily accessible and developed for clients. They are created in multiple forms to help our investors navigate complex markets and meet their particular long-term needs."

John Halaby, EVP, Head of Distribution

Solutions are more than answers.

At Harbor, a solution is more than simply an answer to a question. Solutions solve real problems. Complicated, important problems. "How do I care for my family", or "How do I protect my business" level problems. We find that those types of problems don't have easy, single answers. They are solved by connecting with strong, knowledgeable, caring people you trust, and working the problem until the solution is clear.

For over 30 years, Harbor has been focused on earning the trust of all of our partners, connecting closely with them, and working hard to find true solutions.

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